What's it all about??

We thought it would be fun to offer a FREE online dog training competition while we are all struggling through coronavirus-related restrictions. 

In order to let as many people compete as possible, the first four levels have been designed to allow completion without leaving your home! They can be undertaken in a very small space (inside your home or in your own garden).

Just video yourself working your way through any of the tests and submit your video on the Avanti Dog Training Facebook page to be in the running to win great prizes. 

How much is the entry fee?

Entry is completely FREE. There are no hidden catches. There is no fee to submit your video and once submitted you are eligible to win great prizes. This is our effort to help people have a fun goal to work on while we are restricted from our usual dog activities

Can I enter?

YES! Everyone can enter. 

How do I enter?

Just submit an unedited video showing an attempt at any of the 10 training tests (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B). You need to attempt every exercise within a test to submit that test. 

You can enter as many different tests as you want, but you can't enter the SAME TEST twice in one week with the same dog. You can submit an attempt at as many different tests as you want though.

Also, if you think you improved during that week, and you want to submit a new attempt at the same test the next week, you certainly can do that. 

New weeks start the day after prize draws (so new weeks start on 3rd, 10th, and 17th (AEST)).

To enter just post your video directly into the comments of that week's Facebook thread (Avanti Dog Training) or post your video on YouTube and place the link in the comments section on the Facebook thread. Don't forget to label your video or add a comment so we all know which of the 10 tests you were attempting.

I have more than one dog - Can I submit multiple dogs?

YES. Each dog can be entered completely separately.

What are the LEVELS and why is there a TEST A and a TEST B?

There are 5 levels. They increase in difficulty from Level 1 to Level 5. At each level there are two different tests - TEST A and TEST B. They are just variations. If you see an exercise you really don't like in TEST A, then have a look at TEST B (and vice versa), it might have a different exercise instead.

So in total there are 10 different tests - 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 5A and 5B. You can choose to submit one test or more than one test, you can do all 10 tests if you like! You can start at whatever level suits you best.

Each test is a stand-alone test. You need to record each exercise in the order they are listed to complete a submission for that test. Where an exercise says "OPTION" - it will give you two exercises to choose from. eg in exercise 7 in test 3A you can choose to either complete the SPIN or HOLD OBJECT. So when you get to an exercise with OPTIONS just choose the exercise you and your dog like best!

How do I win prizes?


We allocate a unique number to every video submitted. On 4 occasions (2nd, 9th, 16th, and 23rd April at 9am AEST) the number of every video submitted up to that point will be entered into a Random Number Generator and the winning video number will be selected. We will watch that video and providing the entrant attempted all the exercises then they are declared the winner. Entries do not have to be perfect just a genuine attempt at each exercise. Each winner can choose a gift certificate of their choice to the value of AUD$50 (approx. USD$30). Suggested certificates include PetStock, Petbarn, Petco or Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA). However depending on where you live in the world you may need to choose a company that services your area. We will buy an online voucher rounded up to the nearest dollar in your local currency equivalent to AUD$50 and email it to you for you to spend however you choose.


At this stage the only level being individually judged will be the 3A (Level 3 - Test A). The first 20 video entries submitted in that class only will be judged by a titled obedience competitor. They will be allocated scores based on precision within each exercise, and also based on engagement between the dog and handler. An assessment of each video will be individually sent to each of those entrants privately by FB messenger or email. The scores for each video will not be publicly released but the winning video will be announced and the winner will receive an FDSA gift certificate for USD$29.95. This prize has been generously donated by DENISE FENZI. This certificate can be used to access any online workshop of your choice (FDSA or PPP), or applied toward a higher level registration.

Further levels may be added to the judging list at a later date. This is primarily dependent on availability of judges. If additional levels are going to be individually judged, announcements will be made and more prizes added! It will always be the first 20 videos received of that test, so get in early if you want to be in the running for additional prizes.


Kamal Fernandez has been a Championship Obedience judge and Crufts competitor. He is a world-renowned trainer, coach and speaker. Kamal is based in the UK and is one of the most recognized and successful reinforcement-based dog trainers in the world.

This special prize has been generously donated by KAMAL and is available to three lucky people!!

Everyone who submits a video entry in a Level 3, 4 or 5 test will automatically go in to the draw to win one of these 3 great prizes. If your name is drawn, the latest video you submitted of that particular test will be personally viewed and assessed by Kamal. You will receive a short assessment including training tips on potential ways to improve on your existing performance. Remember it's your most recently submitted video of that test, so don't worry about sending one in early and then sending an improved one a week later. No matter which one is randomly chosen, your most recent attempt will be the one sent for assessment. The draws for these 3 special assessments will take place on 9th, 16th and 23rd April.

How do I increase my chances of winning a prize?


Remember once you submit a video, that video turns into an entry into every subsequent prize draw. The earlier you enter, the more chances you have to win. 


You are entitled to submit a video of as many different tests as you feel comfortable. So have a go at recording a few different tests. You can submit a video of each of the 10 tests each week if you want to!


Don't forget you can enter a new attempt the following week of the exact same test you have already submitted. So if you feel you've improved that week you can submit another updated attempt the next week.  New weeks start the day after prize draws (so new weeks start on 3rd, 10th, and17th April (AEST)). There will be a new thread started for each week. Even if you enter just one test on each of the 4 weeks that means you will have 4 entries in the draw for the last week's prize.

Where do I find a list of the exercises in each of the 10 tests?

They are detailed in the documents below.  One star (level 1) is the simplest level and five star (Level 5) is the most complex. Levels 1 - 4 can be undertaken in a very small space (i.e. a room in you house). Level 5 requires more space. There are two slightly different tests at each level; they are only slightly different, but the B test is typically slightly harder than the A test.  You can do either  the whole of Test A only, or the whole of Test B only; or you can make a full recording of each test separately and submit them both. 

For any test.......... you do need to complete every exercise in the order they appear and submit it in one unedited video to be eligible.

You can start at whatever level suits you best. 

These tests have been put together quite quickly so there will probably be typos or ambiguous descriptions in places. Please let me know and I will fix them! Good luck everyone and have fun!!!!!!