working with you, your veterinarian and your dog


Why do vets refer cases to Avanti Dog Training?

  • Many veterinarians refer behaviour cases to Sharon Carroll at Avanti Dog Training, to design and implement behaviour modification programs. Sharon has a unique mix of university education, specifically in animal behaviour, cognition, training and management, together with years of practical experience training a variety of species.

  • Sharon accepts cases displaying all levels of aggression (including dogs which have killed other dogs and/or injured people), as well as all levels of reactivity, fear and anxiety. Sharon also works extensively with cases displaying separation anxiety and separation distress. 

  • Only modern, evidence-based techniques are used in all behaviour modification cases.

  • Sharon maintains a strong connection with other behaviour consultants and dog trainers by regularly attending and presenting at industry seminars and conferences.

  • Sharon is happy to forward a report to the dog's veterinarian detailing the initial behaviour  assessment if requested.

  • Sharon is happy to maintain an ongoing relationship with the owner and the vet if required.

What if my dog needs medication?

Some serious behavioural issues are best treated with a combination of behavior modifying medications and training. The medications are just one aspect of an overall behaviour modification program. If your vet has prescribed medication for your dog, it is because he or she feels this is the best course of action for your particular situation. It is important that you use the medication as your veterinarian has advised. You should also keep your veterinarian up to date with any behavioural or physical changes that occur after starting the medication. Many medications used to treat behavioural issues require several weeks to reach full effect. Sometimes it is necessary to change to a different medication, or to add in a second medication for specific circumstances. If you feel the medication is not working, talk to your veterinarian before stopping the medication. Some behaviour modifying medications should not be stopped abruptly.

Sharon is currently undertaking a PhD in veterinary pharmacology, specifically in behaviour modifying medication. Hence she has a good understanding of what each medication is prescribed for, and how it may affect your dog's behaviour. However you should always ask your veterinarian directly if you want more information about the medications your dog is taking.