Qualified Behaviour Consultant


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Sharon Carroll has been training a variety of animal species for over 30 years; starting with dog competitions, and then moving on to training dogs and horses for competition, television and live performances. She has been a trainer and presenter in a range of animal shows.

To be truly fluent at training animals, it is necessary to have a solid and expansive understanding of the individual cognitive abilities of each species.

Most people can train a dog to perform a task, but many are not able to be flexible in dealing with issues that occur during the training process. Flexibility comes from a deep understanding of how that individual dog is problem solving, what is that dog's understanding of what is being asked, and how can all the elements best be explained to that individual, in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Sharon has focused many years on studying the underlying basis for animal learning.

Sharon's qualifications include:

  • CPDT-KA - certified professional dog trainer (knowledge assessed)
  • CDBC - fully certified dog behaviour consultant (by examination) with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). The IAABC's highest level of accreditation.
  • Master of Animal Science (Charles Sturt University)
  • Grad.Cert. and Grad.Dip. (Captive Vertebrate Management) - zoo sciences - wildlife and exotic species. (Charles Sturt University)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine) (Charles Sturt University)
  • Currently completing a PhD (veterinary pharmacology) in a behaviour-related topic.
  • Medical Neuroscience (Duke University)
  • Dog Emotion and Cognition (Duke University)
  • Animal Behaviour and Welfare (University of Edinburgh)
  • Professional member of APDT USA (Association of Professional Dog Trainers - USA)
  • Member of APDT Australia (Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Australia)
  • CHBC - fully certified horse behaviour consultant (by examination) with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). The IAABC's highest level of accreditation.

Sharon's expertise is well-recognized - 

  • Guest lecturer for courses delivered to post-graduate veterinarians at International universities - topics: animal welfare, psychological trauma in animals, animal behaviour, species-specific cognition, enrichment, management of aggression and anxiety in animals.
  • Speaker at international conferences - (Individual speaker and panelist.)
  • Invited to participate on numerous panels and working groups as an expert in animal behaviour.
  • Published author in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Sharon is also an Australian representative athlete and a qualified and successful elite-level sports coach with over 25 years experience. (Qualifying at the highest level of sports coaching in Australia requires studies in sports psychology for competitors, as well as performance planning and preparation. These  skills, knowledge and experience readily translate into preparation for dog obedience trialing.)




Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).


Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (CDBC).


Professional member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers - USA.